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Sara Farnocchia

Restoration & Decoration


Sara Farnocchia is an individual company with the professional qualification of restorer of Cultural Heritage.

Parallel to the restoration work in the churches, villas and historic houses, he works in pictorial decoration with the oldest techniques handed down by the masters of the past, applying himself with passion and diligence between artisan knowledge and artistic creativity and promoting artistic craftsmanship. Tuscan excellence.

She began his artistic studies at the Istituto Statale d'Arte of Lucca, she continued his studies graduating at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and subsequently obtained numerous certificates participating in continuous specialization courses on ancient painting techniques, under the guidance of expert professors and master craftsmen.

The work experience gained over many years, at the many restoration sites and the collaboration with other workers, have allowed her to obtain high technical skills to achieve complete restoration of frescoes, interior wall paintings and façade on real estate, of stone materials (marbles and stones), stuccos and gypsum.

While the passion for decoration and various courses of study dedicated mainly to ancient pictorial techniques, to quadraturism and to the chiaroscuro decoration in row and ornate, have made it acquire technical knowledge of excellent level that have become the strong point for its decorative creations ranging from mural painting to imitation of semi-precious stones inlays, from imitations of wallpaper to wood essences, stone and semiprecious materials, from calligraphy to porcelain painting on 3rd fire.

My Works


Sara Farnocchia designs and carries out works for the conservation and restoration of frescoes and murals both inside and outside of real estate.

Design and carry out conservative restorations of stone materials (statues, stones, marbles and facade plasters), stuccos and plaster casts Designs and creates wall decorations both small and large with plastic elements and variously articulated paintings (chiaroscuro decorations in row and ornate, imitation of woods, imitation of marbles and imitation of wallpaper upholstery)

She realizes furnishing decorations on various supports and decorative panels in all styles with ancient and modern painting techniques She realizes imitation of semi-precious stones inlays, creating unique and precious objects of art. Performs calligraphic works with ancient alphabets (Cancelleresco, Gotico and Onciale)

The collaboration with the gypsum art laboratory allows her to realize in synergy a wide range of works that includes architectural bases, bas-reliefs, shelves, frames and appropriately decorated busts.



Via San Giovanni Bosco 92,
55049 Viareggio (LU)


Via San Giorgio 85,
55100 Lucca (LU)

Direct contacts

Email: sara@arterestauro-s.it

Certified email: sara.farnocchia@pec.it

Phone: +39 339 6683448

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